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      Welcome to open Chongqing He Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. of the network door, when you visit Chongqing He Sheng industrial e-commerce site, it is our sincere cooperation, build a win-win situation. Here, on behalf of all employees of Chongqing He Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd., I sincerely thank all friends in the community!

      Chongqing He Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise engaged in the production and sales of agricultural machinery. The Company responded positively to the policy of vigorously developing agriculture in the country and regarded it as its own responsibility to "reduce the burden on peasants, increase labor productivity and embark on the road to affluence" Developed a variety of farm machinery with "He Sheng" tillage machines, motorcycle spare parts, mini cultivators, general gasoline engines, generators, water pumps and other agricultural machinery, and constantly innovate to meet the market. Enterprises won several national and local departments of the awards.

Enterprises in the development process, always depending on the quality of life, in accordance with "scientific and technological innovation to lead the development of enterprises, to provide customers with continuous improvement of products and services," the principle of enterprise development, adhere to the "collaboration, win-win, integrity and communication" of the enterprise development Philosophy, adhering to the "truth-seeking, innovation and change" spirit of enterprise, intentions to create quality products, intentions for customer service, striving for first-class science and technology, and strive to establish the enterprise as a leading enterprise with the same industry-leading enterprises in China and the world agriculture Contribute to the development of

      At present, our country has initially possessed the ability and conditions for intensifying efforts to support agriculture, rural areas and farmers. The policy environment, technical conditions and social atmosphere for promoting agricultural mechanization have been formed. The enthusiasm of farmers has been raised. The demand for agricultural machinery has continued to grow. The development of agricultural mechanization Facing the best development environment ever, we have set a new stage of development and magnificent grand prospects for us. In this context, in the tide of market economy, Chongqing He Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. will unswervingly target the international advanced level, take scientific and technological innovation as the guide, dedication to build China's high-quality agricultural machinery, and constantly provide dedicated services to farmers, and constantly Achieve self-improvement, self-development, self-transcendence.

      Business development hard-won, drinking water source, thanks to the strong support of all sectors of society, so we will abide by our commitment to provide users with the best quality products and services for staff personal development to provide a good platform for the development of our sincere Win your trust.

      The development of Internet has provided mankind with efficient and convenient means of communication, set up a bridge between Chongqing He Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. and the world, and enabled us to bridge the boundaries between time and space more closely together. He Sheng people willing to use their own cleverness and wisdom, make good achievements in return of all social friends. Please believe that with our solid strength and our unremitting efforts, we will surely meet the requirements of your community.

      Here I represent the company warmly welcome all staff, domestic and foreign customers throughout the visit, Hesheng people are your friends forever, we are willing to friends in good faith, cooperation and common development, join hands in creating a brilliant future!