Chongqing Hesheng Industrial Co, Ltd., located in Chongqing Shapingba District Jingkou Pang Industrial District, covering an area of about 80000 square meters, was established in February 1998. The company is an agriculture-related science and technology enterprise involving small agricultural machinery, general engine power and research, production, and sales of extending products. Now it has developed into a leading enterprise in China's small-scale farming machinery industry, and has basically formed a relatively perfect management and quality assurance system. The company has passed the ISO-9001 quality system certification, and its products are certified by EU CE.

      Currently, the company processes a total of 219 sets of machinery and testing equipment, including 30 sets of CNC processing equipment, 130 sets of general machining equipment, and 59 sets of testing equipment. There are 5 assembly lines for micro-ploughing machine, engine and milled rice machine, which have the annual production capacity of 150,000 sets of micro-tillers, 100,000 sets of engines and 50,000 sets of milled rice machines.

      Micro-tillage machine products produced are sold in more than 20 provinces and cities in the country, and at the same time exported to nearly 20 countries and regions, with cumulative 500,000 sets of various types of micro-tillage machine products sold around. "Hesheng" has developed into one of the most famous brands in China, and has been named "Chongqing famous brand", "Chongqing famous trademark", "top ten national satisfying micro-ploughing machine brands" and so on.

       The company is committed to taking technology development as the support of the company's development. At present, the company has 52 patents, of which 11 are invention patents, and most of the patented technologies are used on the products. As one of the establishment units of the JB/T10266-2013 micro-cultivator industry standard, the company takes the lead in the implementation of "hand off stop" safety technology on the micro-tillage machine. From the technical level, the safety problem of the micro-tillage machine has been solved thoroughly. The popularization and application of this technology provides the necessary technical support for the extensive application of the micro-tillage machine products in the hilly and mountainous areas, which has made great contribution to the development of micro-tillage machine industry in China.