• 11 2018-01

    Toyota "recall door": Agricultural machinery enterprises, "Awaken the common saying"

    Japan Toyota, known for its lean manufacturing and TPS management, has recently become a hot topic in the world with the car "recall door." With the escalating wave of recalls, people began to question the underlying causes of recalls. This topic, which was originally a concern o…

  • 11 2018-01

    Be a forerunner of modern agricultural machinery

    At the beginning of the new year, Qi Hongliang, a big grain manager in the first management area of ​​the 857 Farm of Heilongjiang Province, has another "new action." As soon as the subsidy policy for farm machinery was introduced, he immediately enrolled in the purchase of over …

  • 11 2018-01

    Tiller micro purchase tips

    First, the pre-purchase income analysis: 1, tillage farming efficiency calculation: In general, the arable land of 5-8 mu a day, arable land per day 6-10 mu, you can press an average of 6 acres per day basis. 2, arable land prices: in accordance with the actual price of local ara…

  • 11 2018-01

    How to improve agricultural machinery production efficiency and job quality

    Tractors and agricultural machinery are advanced production tools. They must be used reasonably when farmland operations are carried out in order to achieve maximum efficiency and obtain the good effect of "high efficiency, high quality, low consumption and safety". Tractor is a …

  • 11 2018-01

    Eight benefits agriculture policy in Chongqing to promote high-yielding and spring production

    Chongqing eight agricultural policy to promote high-yielding and spring production First, the early implementation of comprehensive direct subsidies for agricultural materials, seed subsidies and other funds of 1.7 billion to support the development of food production, of which d…